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Essential School Sport’s Day Pack


A School Sport’s Day Pack that consists of 2 X Tug-of-War Rope  +  12 X Hessian 60cm X 110cm Sacks


The Pack consists of:

  • 2 X Tug-of-War Ropes
  • 12 X Hessian 60cm X 110cm Sacks


The perfect length for group play that will fit anywhere from 2-12 kids or 2-8 adults

Natural jute fibers that will bring you back to your old school Field Day games!

Pre-tied knots and rope grips included at each end to provide you with the ultimate grasp on the rope!

Red center flag included to mark the winner!

Top Tip: depending on the size of the class or  school, arrange the kids in mixed teams of five or six. Run off the heats, eventually arriving at the grand final with the two best groupings!


THE SACKS are Hessian 60cm X 110cm Sacks

Perfect for infants to sixth class kids.

Arrange races of 12 kids at a time over 50m. Alternatively, run heats and a grand final that involve the 12 best school kangaroos!


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